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Study abroad in Bangladesh to discover a uniquely resilient and colorful country! A low-lying country largely surrounded by India, Bangladesh is the fourth largest Muslim country in the world and offers international students a rich cultural experience. Universities are strong in medicine and agricultural studies, with tuition fees around 17,500TK.

Locals are friendly and curious to know more about foreign visitors, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to engage with local Bangladeshi culture. English is often considered the de facto language of business, meaning that language barriers won’t prove to be much of an obstacle. Moreover, Bangladesh’s abundance of mosques, monuments and historical sites mean that you won’t lack for cultural experiences.

Bangladesh’s considerable natural beauty is sure to impress you; it boasts natural sites such as Cox’s Bazar (one of the world’s longest uninterrupted sandy beaches) and the Sundarbans (the world’s largest mangrove forest, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site).

Bangladeshi cities are similarly striking - Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, is the tenth largest city in the world. A bustling city with a lively and vibrant energy, it provides an experience like no other. Meanwhile, the city of Chittagong offers a balance between urban and natural if you want to experience the convenience of urban life while maintaining a proximity to nature - Bangladesh offers it all!

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